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Blood Pressure Management (Online Session)

The one-hour learning session on blood pressure monitoring and management is aimed to disseminate valuable information containing instructions, precautions, diagnosis, and treatment of hypertension.

The session is scheduled on:

July 31st at 2:00 PM (1400 Hours)


The session will cover key factors related to blood pressure management, some of the major gains that you can enjoy after taking this session include:

  • Awareness About the Right Medication for Blood Pressure
  • Treatment of Uncontrolled Blood Pressure
  • Knowledge of Herbs That Help Control Blood Pressure

Limited Slots Available

The countdown is running, and we have only a limited number of slots left for the session. Don’t miss the chance! Become one of those who will learn the most valuable facts about blood pressure and its treatment inside just one hour!

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Following these three steps will confirm a place for you in our exclusive online session

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