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How to Manage Hypertension? All You Need to Know About Blood Pressure Management Online

2 years ago · xubi

Hypertension or high blood pressure (HBP) is widely regarded as a “silent killer.” According to the American Heart Association, more than 100 million Americans have high blood pressure. Worse is the fact that most of them do not even know that they are suffering from hypertension.

HBP is a recognized, well-established, and modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure, stroke, and ischemic heart disease; yet, proper awareness and efficient management of this primarily asymptomatic disease remains suboptimal.

Why focus on hypertension?

There is a serious concern for underdiagnosis and inaccurate diagnosis of hypertension, which demands the enhancement of treatment methodologies for hypertension. Pure Health Medicine addresses this by keeping hypertension among its top cardiovascular priorities.

Our target is to spread maximum awareness about HBP, its diagnosis, treatment, and effective management. To serve this purpose, we are taking the first step through our 1-Hour Online Blood Pressure Management Session on Zoom.

Can you get high blood pressure treatment online?

The answer is, yes! Thanks to the convenience offered by telehealth methodologies, and the telehealth companies offering online blood pressure management.  Online telemedicine companies, like us, can monitor your blood pressure readings, prescribe the right dose of medications, and offer valuable lifestyle tips. HBP is one of the many health conditions that you can manage using telehealth services.

How reliable are online telehealth services?

According to a paper published in the Hypertension Journal of September 2020, the American Heart Association (AHS) endorses the utilization of telehealth services to monitor, control, and treat high blood pressure. An online telemedicine provider can remotely monitor your blood pressure reading patterns and medications. It is also able to disseminate clear, definitive, and educational information on certain risk factors as well as lifestyle changes to help patients treat their blood pressure.

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